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The 3 Mistakes You’d like to Avoid If

 You Write and Sell eBooks online in 2018

If you are an author who has always wanted to publish a book but has never had the chance, you will be happy to know that it is now easier than ever to do so. The best way for someone to publish a book is to simply make it an eBook and publish it themselves online, where you can reach a very wide audience. However, when someone really wants to write an eBook there are definitely some mistakes to avoid, so read on to learn more about some of the best companies that can help you avoid making decisions that can hurt you. Read More

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Don’t choose a topic you aren’t familiar with

When writing an eBook it can be very tempting to just go online and look at which books are selling the best and go with that topic. Now, if you are familiar with that topic and it is something that you find interesting, then definitely go for it, but if you are not it would be a big mistake to choose that topic. When you aren’t familiar with something it means that you will have to put a lot more time and work into it simply because you will have to do a lot of research to familiarize yourself with the topic first before you even start thinking about writing in 2018.

 Don’t design your own cover

Even though we are talking about a situation where you will write and sell eBooks online, one thing that you will still need is a good front cover of that eBook. As sad as it is, a lot of people do judge a book by their cover, and that is especially true when it comes to eBooks that are being sold on Amazon, eBay or any other online book retailer. The worst mistake that you can make here is design your own cover. Unless you are a professional designer, then this is definitely something that should be left to the professionals because otherwise you risk having a cover that looks amateurish, and that will also make you and your work seem amateurish as well, and that’s the last thing you want when you want to sell your eBook online.


Don’t think only like a writer

The great thing about writing an eBook is that you don’t need a publisher in order for you to get your book out, but with that comes the fact that you are, in fact, your own publisher. That means that while you are writing your eBook you also have to be thinking about selling it because thinking about that once the book has been published is already too late. You need to figure everything out and this also means figuring out a release date as well as the website or marketplace that you will use in order to sell your eBook. Something else that you need to do from the very beginning is market your book. You can easily do this using social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter and pushing different campaigns that will keep readers interested and intrigued about your book. Working with social media influencers and agreeing to give them the book before you even release it to the public is a great way to get them to review it and recommend it to their followers. Thinking about these things is definitely not the traditional job of the writer, but it is something that you will have to do when writing an eBook.

Believe it or not, these types of mistakes are something that a lot of people make without even thinking about it. Make sure to always keep this article in mind when you want to write and sell eBooks online because when there are so many hats that you need to wear, it can be very easy to make mistakes simply because you are feeling overwhelmed.

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