3 Key Questions You Need to Ask Before You Sell Clothes for Money On Consignment Stores

Questions You Need to Ask Before You Sell Clothes

Sometimes we have clothes that are just too valuable to give away for free. Luckily, there is a way that you can turn those clothes into money without going through the hassle of selling them at a garage sale or listing them on e-commerce websites, such as Amazon and eBay: Consignment stores.

Consignments stores do the heavy lifting for you when selling your clothes. Specifically, you send your clothes to them, they audit them, and when they cut, they list them on their consignment websites. Once your items sell, they cut a percentage as commission. Some consignment stores even pay you after auditing your clothes and then sell them at a much higher price. This is the best way to sell your used, valuable clothes without breaking a sweat. However, before you send your clothes to any consignment store, ask the following questions:

What fees does the consignment store charge to sell clothes online for you and what percentage is the split?

Most consignment stores only deduct a fee after they’ve sold your clothes. They put a percentage of every sale or a percentage of the cumulative sales. However, according to our research, you shouldn’t expect anything above 40% of the sales, as the consignment stores have a lot of overheads to take care of.

Do I need to hang around while sorting to sell clothes for money?

Some consignment stores will insist that you be available so that you participate in sorting through your clothes. Others just ask you to deliver your bag and leave. They will do the rest. Still, other consignment stores require you to ship your clothes in a bag. Here, you’ll take care of the shipping cost. And if your clothes don’t pass the processing stage, you also take care of the cost of shipping them back.

How and when will the consignment store pay after they sell clothes online?

Every consignment store has their policy regarding how and when they pay for your clothes after they’ve been sold. You should do your due diligence to determine all this. If you don’t do your research, there is bound to be confusion and your relationship with consignment store could be ruined.


Make sure you ask and get answers to these questions before you send your clothes to any consignment store. In fact, you should read their fine print before doing anything else. This will help prevent any understandings that may occur during the entire process of selling your clothes.